01 November 2012

Island of the Mandarins (part 2)

The Hoi An Resort & Exclusive Residences

location: Hoi An, Vietnam 
project status: on hold by the client
master planning: Pentago Design
hospitality consultant: Hostasia

Island B

on the first stage this island will function as a botanic garden with five strong characteristic landscape theme such as paddy field, scented gardens, palm grooves, wild forest, bamboo grooves.

bird parks, butterfly parks, local craftsman's huts are giving the attractions to visit the island. after several years when the island can have its own reputation the land on the real estate market can be for sale. the landscape and the touristic elements will be kept for the new luxury residence.

 Island C

this island will have the longest therm in development. this we called actually the island of the mandarins. the exclusive high quality hotel resort situated in the middle of the wildlife with waterfalls, ponds, mountains. when the development starts the visitors will see this island like the place of wildlife and natural wonders. 

3D renderings by Bao Huong Phung Khoi

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