27 July 2007


Traffic Responsive Lighting System on the atrium residential
architect: Wing LLC architectural consultancy
tasks: design and realization of a lighting system, managing the realization as a design manager of Arcus műhely (ARCM), teamwork in the Szövetség'39 design team in corporation with NEXTLAB

"We started to work on this project with Be Light Ltd. in March 2007. The project is about phisically working out the vision of the facade planned by the architects. We developed our own lighting system (in fact lamps) with new solutions in form, aesthetics and technology. The duty of these lighting panels is to uniform visually the two, different wings of the facade. What's more, the program-operated light reacts the noise-level of Váci Road, so, it became an active art work determined by the effects of the environment, similarly to the facade of Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel. This work is also named by the partly same designer and producer teams and companies." (from the site: V45-atriumpark.blogspot.com)

project details on the site: v45-atriumpark.blogspot.com
technical details on the co-developers site: szakal.org

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