21 November 2011

Ecorio (Thuy Tu)

Green residential development in Da Nang, Vietnam

location: Dan Nang, Cu De river, Vietnam

project status: under construction
master planning and architecture: Pentago Design
real estate consultant: Savills

18 Ha ecological development with high rates of green parks, public places. the Ecorio is the first phase of a 60 Ha development called Thuy Tu "shining river". there are 3 stages on different level of lifestyle and quality range. the development mix on the first stage consists of villas, terrace houses, townhouses, public amenities for the middle class pople. our company provided resources and concept design for the overall site and the master plan submission for two phases and architectural design for the residential buildings. they launched the first one in 2011.

the design idea was to create asset for the villas by providing linear park with water and playgrounds. the linear park connected to the riverside with "green fingers" which means green walking passages behind the terrace house rows without any vehicle traffic. 

ECORIO official website

this image is the conceptual plan for the 60 Ha land. earlier version was already approved by the government. our task was it to upgrade the design turning it into a more suitable option for the local market

Latest update:
The project is under construction and visible on google

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