18 December 2011

Tales from the firewall

a workshop and performance in corporate with the contemporary art festival: Fete dela WSK! in Manila, Philippines

We are willing to tell a story from you…

The aim of such workshop is to let the participants to deciding to the workshop direction, to being creative by defining the whole story telling. This is a collaborative workshop with a lot of research, a "self-research" in a way. The artists cited above, are here to provide some help, giving assistance in choosing the instruments-tools to express themselves, coordinate the main working development, open up to ‘other’ directions and of course to participate all together to the public performance. To provide a certain direction and after a meeting-chat, we have focused on the Hanging Coffins from Sagada, Mountain Province as a starting point for the workshop. According to this, we have found a main title that will certainly provide some inputs from the participants because of its openness, Tales From The Firewalls.
Metaphors happen right here at this level. A quick definition: ‘a firewall is a device designed to permit or deny network transmissions’ (i.e. wikipedia). Here we are, in the pr
ocess and concept of communication. From a traditional point of view, the communication with the spiritual defined by the sound of the Gong, Bell Tones and from a contemporary approach, whereas we belong to the society of communication, the Network as a new belief, a new entity, getting the gates by its little spreading fancy children such as cell-phones, iPad, Android, sound toys app., … our living experience is surrounded by those beeps & signals as part of the soundscape of the e-modernity."

(extract from the original proposal for the workshop by Thierry B-G.)

the complete proposal for the workshop is available here

Fete dela WSK! is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and e
xperimental sonic art, as well the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of digital culture in South East Asia.

WSK! -- three cryptic letters, which can only provide as much as the sum of the parts. Organized by SABAW Media Art Kitchen – a not-for-profit organization whose primary interests lie in curatorial and research-based production towards the imminent intersections of art and technology.

tales from the firewall by

idea: Thierry Bernard-Gotteland (Fr), Krisztian Kelner (Hu)
curator: Merv Espina (Ph)

Tanks all the participants of the workshop for the great collaborative performance in the Blackbird Cafe

venue: Kanto Art Gallery, TERMINAL GARDEN 566 Int. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila (Phone: 0920 604 5559)
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