09 October 2007

PechaKucha night Amsterdam, NL

I presented the Lánchid19 Hotel facade design work in Amsterdam in this year September.

the philosophy of the series "Pecha Kucha" is taken from their website:

"Pecha Kucha Night is an intimate gathering that offers everybody the chance to present fresh and creative work, ideas or concepts. This can be a newly finished building, a new piece of furniture, an ad campaign, a fashion line, a new event or any idea the world needs to know about.

The Tokyo based architecture firm Klein Dytham Architetcs (KDA) originally started Pecha Kucha Night in their nightclub Supperclub. After it proved to be a perfect recipe for a good night out and a great way of meeting new people, ideas, employees or jobs the evening was picked up all over the world. ICA Club director Iram Quraishi, co-founder of the London edition called it a sort of speed dating. Pecha Kucha brings together the ideas and not the bodies. Pecha Kucha Night in the Netherlands is founded and organised by HUNK-design and Studio Popcorn.

The Japanese term ´Pecha Kucha´ roughly translates as chit-chat or noisy chatter. As a potent crossbreed between an elevator pitch and a slide show Pecha Kucha Night presents 12 participants who show 20 slides for twenty seconds each. No more boring lectures, painful seminars or tiring presentations. Pecha Kucha Night offers the audience the experience of a dazzling range of speakers and images in the course of one evening. Breaks will be filled with drinks, music, images, and off course: chit-chat (so bring your business cards).

Pecha Kucha Night Nederland invites everybody to join, either by visiting one of our upcoming events or by sending in work for presentation. The first 6 min and 40 seconds (20 slides x 20 seconds) of your 15 minutes of fame can start right here and right now. With drinks, dance and the newest ideas in the same room at the same time, who knows what will happen..."

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media facade conference 2007 London, UK

After we have done the realization of the hotel facade and have introduced to the public, we were kindly welcome to the first media facade conference in London organized by the Mediaarchitecture.


Urban public space – understood as open, civic space – is a key
element in the development of European urbanism. It is based on a
well-balanced mix of functions and the idea of the inhabitant as active

We currently face a transitional period of restructuring social
networks in a globalised world. This is resulting in various
experiments with new types of relations and exchange processes,
supported by the developing interactive new media tools. In order to
maintain the social sustainability of our cities, it is important to
connect this new virtual space for development of public sphere and
social exchange with the acquisition and reactivation of urban public
space....(from the mediaarchitecture.org) visit the site to read more

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08 October 2007

Enigma 2007

Object on Countryside (Project I.)

There is one point on the hill. This is a milestone. The task is to make an object which is linked to this milestone.
in fact this milestone is so small, you can not even find from the valley, but i do not think, that the only solution is to build something on the top of that. simply i have to show where is this point on the hill. to determine the position of a point also can mean I point at from somewhere.
so this is an observatory in fact. through this object i can observe the milestone. this observatory is a strange object in the landscape attracting the visitors. the question is: what it it for? answer: an enigma