23 February 2010

JAYA Koh Ker Project

Centre De Revitalisation (új élet háza)

this project is a new community and green technology center in the small village Koh Ker near the Angkor Wat area in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

project start on 2009 october. on the previous stage a detailed study have been done by Etienne Samin and other contributors at RAF. for more details about the preparation phase please visit the RAF website.
we give the main importance to the community project, the environmental development and the sustainability in the
social life
of the village and in the building technologies too.

project director: János Jelen - Chairman of Board of Trustees of Royal Angkor Foundation

project manager: Mihály Rózsa

co worker: Etienne Samin - architect, researcher and community assistant

task: developing the concept based upon the studies already done by the researchers as a volunteer

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