08 December 2006

Homo Lumens MMVII Budapest, Hungary

Environment-responsive kinetic glass facade, we also call it Luminescent Bacteria

Lánchíd 19 hotel
architect: radius b+s

tasks: design and realization of the facade in team work "Szövetség 39" design team, Hungary, managing the production process as the owner of the Arcus műhely company (ARCM)

in corporation with NEXTLAB

"Named after Budapest’s famed “Chain Bridge” which spans the Danube, the first Design Hotel in Hungary is a contemporary highlight in a neighbourhood of predominately 19th century architecture. This contrast is indicative of Budapest’s evolving character, one which celebrates both past and present. The architect and design team created a moveable accordion-like glass façade, further animated by the changing colours of an innovative lighting design concept." (Péter Sugár)

Images of the facade are exhibited at the Gwanju Design Biennale in South Korea

the glass facade won the Hungarian Design Award in the category of Product.
Designboom, 'bright LED' competition 3rd prize

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