12 October 2012

Luxury Villas by the Saigon River

Design Competition
Status: under construction (year of completion 2013)
Architects: Pentago Design
Location: Phuoc Long B (district 9) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Design stages: from concept to site supervision

The Luxury villa residential area approx 2,5 Ha. The developers are the IREKA group of companies from Malaysia. The final rearrangement of the master plan concept was done by the Pentago office Malaysia. The Design Development of the Master Plan was done by the P&T Group Vietnam office. The villa residential is a part of grater development consisting of luxury apartments, townhouses, sport center and public places among the Chiec canal (linked to the main body of Saigon river). The site is relatively close to the city center and to the new international airport. several luxury developments can be found among the canal such as the Riviera Cove by the Keppel Land which is the biggest competitor in the region.

Three architectural consultancy offices were awarded to design several types of stand alone villas to ensure the diversity of the small gated villa compound.
Our task was to develop the design for seven different type of detached villa unit. Most of them are on an average 300 SQM size land. the line of typical repeating type is stretching among the canal. the show house is a modification of the typical type.

The Luxury Villa following the spatial arrangement of traditional Vietnamese homes and giving further options for the customization. Some additional functions are optional such as the praying room which can be used as family room if the client requires.

 The idea to create a special place to look out to the river. observation on the different levels and layers of the building. entering the house like into a camera-obscure which exposes the environment outside. framing the views on the terrace (outdoor daybed) and in the master bedroom. the copper screen gives us an unique experience in examining the natural life of the Chiec canal and the wild landscape of the canal-side.

My task was to control the whole design process of the villas on all stages and coordinate with the co-designers and the design directors in the Vietnamese and Malaysian office too.

Copyright of the 3D images by the client IREKA Aseana Properties Limited Co.

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