14 April 2008

Temps d'Images

Temps d'Images is competition between visual and performing artists. year by year the TRAFÓ is the hungarian partner of the french initiative.

in the year 2008 with my two friend of mine we got the chance to make a short performance. We decided to visualize a slow process of the agonies.

We choose the own writings of the actor who made a recordings in a studio. At the same time we made video recordings in different extreme situation of the actor.

During the performance we installed for big TFT surface in the theatre and four speakers. We mixed the sound and the video in real time during the performance.

In the middle of the stage we installed a mosquito net with a cotton candy maker machine and a projector above. As we projected the video on the surface the candy started to melt and added a grotesque feeling of these agonies.

Thanks to TRAFÓ!

actor and text: Ferenc Köles
video works: Balázs Balogh
sound works: Krisztian Kelner